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​Thank you for visiting Endgame Training Center. 

We are very excited to begin our training with you and your family. Our school is focused on challenging and bettering our students both physically and mentally to become the best martial arts athletes they can be.

We accomplish this with a high energy, zero down time class model. This model enhances your fitness levels by safely exercising and performing various techniques and drills that are great for your heart, lungs, and overall physical well being.

We offer an at your own pace class with continual encouragement and guidance from our instructional staff. Martial arts improves character, confidence, physical condition, and empowers our students with the life skills and disciplines of applicable martial arts such as Muay Thai, K1/Dutch Kickboxing and boxing. We include Hula Fitness & Technique and Tahitian Fitness as part of our family to instill low-to-high impact exercising in the art of Hawaiian dance, as it is physical in it's own right.

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